The Journey Begins

Dear Christian Sister,

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing for years now, considering blogging, writing a book; finding a creative outlet for a science-minded woman.

On scraps of paper and lists on my phone, I’ve compiled an assortment of topics to tackle, things to research and sometimes just a word or phrase that is meaningful to me. A bookworm since birth, writing feels like the natural next step. My favorite things to read are stories about peoples’ lives and experiences -stories that expand my thinking, teach me new things, and bring me to a better understanding of the world.

Most of my entries will be related to theology, women’s ministry, and all will be written with a biblical world view. I love to research new topics (and sometimes familiar ones). Learning new things and making new connections is so exciting to me.

So here it is: my first blog post. I hope that my stories and musings will be helpful to others, should anyone come across this space. But most of all, I want to put my thoughts down in once place; to express my opinions in a well-researched, creative way. And above all, bring glory to God.