Hope In Christ

Dear Christian Sister, It was September, which, in my small Southern California hometown, meant that the fire & football seasons were in full swing. I was in fifth grade at Sespe Elementary. It was early. The valley was just beginning to glow in the first rays of sunrise. The air was cool, but warm enough [...]

Sipping the Personali-Tea

Dear Christian Sister, Personality tests are everywhere. Myers-Briggs is likely the most well-known. The Enneagram has worked it's way into the work place and even into Christian circles. They can be a fun way to learn about ourselves and organize the world around us. They can be helpful in identifying areas of sin in our [...]

The Government is Not Your Savior

Dear Christian Sister, A few days ago in the US, we celebrated Independence Day. So I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk briefly about government. What does the Bible say about government? We know from Scripture that God is the one who puts people in power. The Psalms tell us that God [...]

Comparison & Contentment

Dear Christian Sister, I've been thinking a lot lately about comparison and contentment. My church's women's' ministry is currently going through a series by Melissa Kruger called "Contentment," in which she discusses these concepts. Recently, in our small group time, one of the 20-something single ladies was sharing about her struggles at work. She has [...]